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Website 1:1

During this 60 minute intensive live audit + Q&A session, I examine your entire brand with a fine tooth comb to ensure you’re showing up as the expert that you are.


What is
an audit?

Hey Expert!

I'm glad you're here learning more about how you can improve your website to attract more potential clients and convert them into paying clients.

An audit is when I dive deep into your brand to ensure you are positioning yourself online to be paid like the expert that you are.

I check your:

- Website

- Social Media platforms

- Email marketing campaigns if you have them

- and more

to ensure your brand identity and messaging is cohesive across your brand.

The Transformation

  • You get some website visitors, BUT they don't convert into clients/customers.

  • You designed your website yourself (or used a template) and need an expert eye.

  • Your bounce rate (aka how long someone stays on your website) is short, which means your audience is  probably confused!

  • You may or may not be known on social media, but when it comes to your website, it's giving amateur.

  • You'll have more ideal clients taking the next step to book/purchase from you.

  • You'll have strategic action items that'll help you make the perfect edits for your specific business.

  • You'll be clear about how to engage people on your site so they stick around longer, realize that they need you, and actually take action.

  • You're more confident about your business, because your entire brand represents the quality of your offerings and positions you like the expert that you are.

After the

After the session, you'll have

actionable steps to:

  • Reposition your brand’s messaging

  • Improve your brand visuals

  • Create and/or maintain brand consistency amongst platforms

  • Get more conversions on your site

  • Keep people on your site longer


You could have this transformation for only $97.

Limited Time Only. Regular Price is $297.